What’s Happening at the Creek
ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR December 9, 2018


Nursery Workers for Next Sunday:  2

1st Service:  Babies –   Lacey Green, Christen O’Brien

        Pre-K –    Taryn Cannon, Kelli Hathcock

2nd Service: Babies –   Maddie Harris, Angie & Dan Baggett

        Pre-K –    Sidney Gallo, VOLUNTEER NEEDED

If you would be willing to volunteer one service every 6 Sundays in the nursery, please see JESSICA MORGAN or you can contact her at 


TONIGHT–Christmas Caroling & Children’s Movie Night—Sunday December 9th, 4-7PM.  Supper Provided.  Those who wish to carol to our sick/shut-in/nursing homes will break up into 3 groups to go sing while many of our young children will stay at the church, watch a movie, and play games.


We are providing a FREE Parents Night Out – Saturday, December 15th, 4pm – 9pm.  6 weeks to 5th grade, please Tara Davis for more details.  She will have signup sheets for children and volunteers.  


Remember our 3-fold challenge from last Sunday…….

1.      Invite someone to church this month

2.      Ask them to sit with you and your family

3.      Take them out to eat afterwards or cook for them.  If you don’t have the

          money to do so, the church will provide.  


Soups and Sandwiches for supper this Wednesday.  Christmas with Endless Highway at 630.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!!!

Shamrock Apartment Ministry is every Monday in the Shamrock Apartment Community Room, 11 Shamrock Drive, behind Houston County Middle School in Erin.  Free supper at 5:45, Worship Service at 6:30.  Brother Nathan preaches, and Brother Phillip leads the worship.  These services are open to the public… not just Shamrock residents.  If you know someone that has to work on the weekends and misses church… please invite them to worship with us on Monday nights.

Palmyra Nursing Home Ministry This Tuesday, 10AM.  Brother Nathan preaches, and Brother Phillip will be leading worship.


Offering / Usher Attendants for December

1st Service: Caleb Ballew, Curtis Gant, Josh Bateman, Marcus Reese

2nd Service: Bradley Hughes, Danny Thomas, Joshua Bryant, Michael Ussery

If you are not part of the Yellow Creek Family Reading Plan, please take a sheet and join us where we are.  It is Incredible!! 

If you know someone that needs a food basket, or if you need to schedule your baptism, please contact the office at 931-289-2801.


Children’s Christmas Program & Talent Show – Sunday December 16th, 4PM

Christmas Jubilee & Adult Talent Show—Wednesday December 19th,

6:30 PM.  

New Beginnings 2019 with Roc Collins Preaching & High Road Leading Worship – Sunday January 6th through Wednesday January 9th

Our 21 day fast to dedicate 2019 to the Lord will be Wednesday January 9th, 630PM-Wednesay January 30th at 630PM.  There are multiple ways to fast…. Liquid Fast/Daniel Fast (Fruits & Veggies)/Lenten Fast(giving up something important).  Prayer & Fasting is the KEY to unlock many of the blessings The Lord wishes to pour out on you and your family.  

Sunday January 13th—After 2nd Service we will be taking a ROAD TRIP to the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home in Brentwood for a special dedication service for the new gym floor the Lord provided through our Vacation Bible School last summer.  We will have BBQ sandwiches for everyone after service then we will take the vans and carpool to Brentwood.  Please make every effort to go.  


Christmas with Endless Highway – Wednesday December 12th 6:30pm

The Kingdom Heirs—Thursday February 14th, 7PM

The Perry’s—Saturday March 2nd, 6PM 

If you are not receiving the church wide calls or text messages and you wish to, please give Leslie Reese a text or call at 931-220-1360 with your phone numbers and you will be added.  


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Brother Phillip Chambers:  931-387-3331 home, 731-616-4014 cell, phillipchambers@bellsouth.net


Brother Nathan Wilkerson:  615-812-7807, nwilkerson30@yahoo.com

Deacon of the week:  Shane Moore 931-237-1212